Nursery Rhymes topic in Reception

Humpty Dumpty

We worked together to print a wall and make a big Humpty Dumpty for our display.
We used real egg shells on Humpty's body.

We also made our own Humpty Dumpty's.
We cut egg shapes then put them back together again with plasters.

We used a real hard-boiled egg and let it fall into different materials.
The egg didn't break when it fell into the sand, material and bubble wrap but it cracked when it fell into the tray and the bricks.

We made egg sandwiches for snack.
First, we peeled the eggs then we mashed them up.
Next, we buttered the bread and spread the egg on to make a sandwich.



Most of us loved our snack even though we didn't think we would!

You had to roll a dice and spin to get the pieces of your Humpty Dumpty in our game.