A message from Mrs  Richardson - 17 April 2020

Hello everybody,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well during the lockdown. I am missing you all and it feels very strange to be working at home and not in my office where I can have a walk around school to see you all working in your classes.
I know the teachers have been trying to set new activities for you on our website or the Purple Mash and Twinkl websites. On our school website and on Twinkl there is a good timetable that can be followed to try and help you with a daily routine through the week.

Mrs Hudson and Mrs Regan have also set up our new Facebook page which looks fabulous. If you have chosen to join this group then the teachers will have a look at the things you're posting and try to keep in touch. Please remember the teachers are very busy preparing work for you all and looking after their little ones too so don't worry if they don't comment on posts all the time.

I have to admit that I don't 'do' Facebook' but I will try to have a look now and again and who knows I may even 'post' something!! I know that some of your grown ups have requested to be friends with our teaching staff but this is something that they are not able to do so please don't be disappointed if they do not respond.

If you are not on Facebook then don't worry all you need to do is just keep looking on our website for ideas and keep an eye on our Purple Mash Website because the teachers are setting work and are able to see who has been using it and can send messages to you too.

I know that it's a bit scary being in lockdown but please try not to worry. I am sure that you will be enjoying going for walks with your families and I have seen from the pictures on the Facebook page that lots of you are keeping busy doing lots of lovely activities and learning in different ways.

Please take care, keep safe and I really look forward to seeing you all soon.

Mrs Richardson