Advice for Parents
Reading is a fundamental life skill and as such we place a huge amount of importance on the development of good phonological knowledge and the acquisition of early reading skills.

Our Reading Scheme

Our main reading scheme is The Oxford Reading Tree which takes readers on a journey from picture books at Stage 1, through phonics books to advanced texts that progress up to Stage 14. Many of our children will remain on the Oxford Reading Tree scheme right through our school, however, along the way, we supplement their experience of reading with other texts which are designed to broaden the overall reading experience.


Beyond the Reading Scheme Pupils who have become fluent readers and have developed a good understanding of a wide range of texts (both fiction and non-fiction) may progress onto 'Free Readers' at the discretion of the class teacher.


In the Early Years (Nursery & Reception) systematic daily phonics is taught, using a mixture of the Jolly Phonics scheme, Letters and Sounds and Phonics Play. Teachers also use reading books to enhance phonological awareness and promote early reading skills through high quality, fun texts. These books are used each day, during the phonics sessions.

In Year 1 & Year 2, staff also teach daily phonics but the pupils are grouped into the phonics phases to ensure all learning needs are met. These daily sessions also include the use of special reading books to advance reading skills. Children are screened regularly to ensure rapid progress is achieved and age-appropriate spellings are sent home each Friday to be tested the following Friday.

Reading in the Early Years

Children in Early Years read to an adult at least once a week. Picture books and library books of interest are sent home weekly.

Reading books from the Oxford reading Tree Scheme will not be sent home early in the Nursery school year, but as the teachers feel the child is ready to access the books in relation to their phonological knowledge. Most children start Reception class with a reading book appropriate for their level of ability.

A love of story, poems and nursery rhymes is continuously promoted throughout our school.

Reading in Year 1 and Year 2

All children are heard read at least one a week by the class teacher in Guided Reading sessions. Additional reading practice is done in the afternoons. Targeted reading groups are identified each term to support the development of reading for those children who may be falling behind.

Adult volunteers also attend school regularly to listen to readers but we encourage parents to listen to their child read every day and record what they have read and how they have read in the child's reading record.

Guided Reading

Guided reading takes place in Key Stage 1 and this is delivered outside English lessons. Guided Reading stickers are used to notify parents that their child has taken part in Guided Reading with the class teacher or support staff. These sessions are designed to teach children the necessary skills for reading well and to assist teachers in monitoring children's progress in reading.

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