Pastoral Care at St Michael’s

Meet Miss Smith, our Pastoral Champion

What is pastoral care?

At its simplest, pastoral care is the provision that we as a school provide to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of our pupils. It is the essential foundation upon which learning can take place. That said, we as a school have high standards of pastoral care and go far further than a basic commitment to welfare, with pastoral care extending to every aspect of school life in order to foster pupils’ personal development as much as their academic progress.

Why is pastoral care important?

All parents want their children to be safe and happy at school. The importance of pastoral care goes well beyond this, however. Education and health are closely linked, and recent studies have shown that pupils with better health and wellbeing are likely to achieve better academically. What is more, life skills, such as those taught in a successful PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) programmes, are associated with greater wellbeing and higher achievement. Good pastoral care in school is also fundamental to the development of character and social skills, which will be of critical importance to pupils in later life.

Miss Smith is given allocated time each week to focus on Pastoral Care needs. However, many elements are dealt with day to day as things arise. If you have any concerns at all with regards to pastoral need, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Miss. Smith via Class Dojo or, in person.

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