Reading Archives - 2022-2023

Summer 1 2023

The Cumbria Library Van visited school and the children enjoyed selecting new materials for their classroom libraries. They particularly selected many non-fiction books which appear to be lots of people's favourites at the moment.

This morning during assembly, the children and I looked at this year's summer reading challenge. The theme is 'Ready, Set, Read!'

We had a browse of the website below and I set up a profile for my own child so that the children could access the online platform to observe its features.

Last year, an incredible 7 pupils from our school completed the challenge. We looked at their pictures on our school website and again shared how proud we are of them. This year, we would love to get everyone involved!

To set up a profile for your child, just visit the website below. They will need to read/share a minimum of 6 books over the summer to complete the challenge and in turn, will be rewarded with a certificate and then a super reading prize from school.

The challenge begins on July the 15th and runs until mid-September.

Alternatively, if you would like your child to read physical books, please visit the Workington Library to join the challenge in person; (the new children's area is lovely).

Please note, we would love to hear about our Year 2 pupils who join this challenge. Even though in September they will attend another school, please send us a picture of their certificate of completion and we will post their prizes to them.

Good luck everybody!